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This document has a lot of information about how education needs to change in a number of areas.  It also discusses many countries, not just Lithuania and compares them in some areas.

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Lecturer's consent form - SUMMER 2009

Curriculum Change and Teacher Education in Lithuania
A PowerPoint presentation by Vaiva V
ëbraite given in

June 2003, at Tbilisi

Bibliography for
Summer 2005-2006 - main theme:
Education for Sustainable Development.


Eurodyce report about Lithuanian educational system.

Get information about sending books and teaching materials to Lithuania.

Revision of the Education Law of Lithuania (2003)

Travel tips to new lecturers from A.P.P.L.E. veterans

 National Education Forum of Lithuania information
read about changes in the
Lithuanian educational system
since the Eurodyce report was written.

    A compact-sized dictionary
(about 3" x 8" x 1") called
"LITHUANIAN Dictionary & Phrasebook"  English-Lithuanian/Lithuanian-English by Jurgita Baltrusaityte; published by Hippocrene Books, Inc.,
171 Madison Avenue, New York, Ny 10016


Philosophy of education in post-Soviet societies of Eastern Europe:
Poland, Lithuania and Slovenia
by Rafaù Godon, Palmira Jucevičienë and Zdenko Kodelja

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