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Photographs by Algirdas Muliolis.

Outgoing president Phil Taylor and incoming president Katie Dunlap plant the twelfth apple tree in our A.P.P.L.E orchard at the start of our seminars on July 15, 2002
The twelfth apple tree has been planted and the contract for the thirteenth A.P.P.L.E. summer has been signed!
The contract for summer 2003 is being signed by Phil Taylor and the secretary of the Ministry for Education and Science, Dainius Numgaudis.

A.P.P.L.E. donated benches for viewers of our apple orchard. Shirley, Giedrģ and Phil enjoy the view.

Gita, Phil and Katie at the opening ceremonies in Vilnius. They announced our three new honorary members.

Anele Biliunaite - who has been the cultural program director in Vilnius for all 12 A.P.P.L.E. summers.

Vilma Backiute - who has worked as a translator since our first summer. During the last few years coordinates the hiring of translators.

Emilija Sakadolskiene - not in Lithuania this year. She is one of the founders of A.P.P.L.E.

List of Summer - 2002 A.P.P.L.E. Seminars

Seminar theme: Assessment Issues and Options

The American Professional Partnership for Lithuanian Education (A.P.P.L.E.) is planning for the twelfth summer of in-service seminars for Lithuanian educators. We invite you to consider joining us in the challenging and rewarding mission of providing assistance to educators seeking to revitalize the Lithuanian educational system. If you would like more information about A.P.P.L.E. and its mission, please contact us and request our flyer.

What types of specialists is A.P.P.L.E. seeking for in-service seminars?

The majority of the staff is master preschool, elementary, and secondary teachers and administrators, usually with the equivalent of a Master’s degree or a proven record of experience. However, as we expand and diversify the program, we have included a much wider variety of specialists, such as social workers, psychologists, counselors, therapists, health care professionals, librarians, and others. We also seek professionals from institutions of higher learning who can share research interests and expertise in teacher training, assessment, and curriculum development.

These are the areas in which A.P.P.L.E. traditionally provides in-service:

Administration, Language Arts, Social Studies ( including Civics, Geography, History , Political Science, Economics)
Art, Mathematics,
Catholic Schools/Ethics, Agricultural Education, Library Science , Music, Computer Science, Physical Education/Health,
EFL, Psychological Services, Social Work, Elementary Methods, Science/Environmental Studies, Special Education.

Which topics are of particular interest?

Each year A.P.P.L.E. tries to focus on a specific topic in education. Cooperative learning, educational psychology, critical thinking, integrated curriculum, at-risk students, action research and brain research have been presented in past years.

For the summer of 2002 we have proposed Assessment as the seminar theme. We are particularly looking for presenters who are familiar with current research and can discuss a variety of assessment issues and suggest constructive ways that assessment can be used to improve school programs, enhance teacher motivation and effectiveness and provide a variety of assessment options to determine student aptitude, progress and achievement. However, not all proposals need to be related to this topic. Some topics and areas are included every year because of the expressed need for in-service in these areas. Every year we adapt our initial plans because an applicant submits an interesting proposal for a topic which had not been considered. Thus, creative and unusual proposals are always welcome.

A.P.P.L.E. Summer– 2002
Liepos 15 – liepos 26 d.


General lectures:  Assessment (schools, programs, teachers)
    Jo Ann Hammer
    Jackie Allen
    Nancy Henssen

Elementary – 2 groups
    Carol Smiglin
    Lynda Dodge
    Vida Anton
    Sr. Loretta Hoag
    Laima Sirutienė
Charlotte Davnie

 Administration for principals 
Administration for inspectors
    Philip Taylor
    Barbara Henriques
   William Williams
    John Poggio
    Lecturers from KTU and Kauno Board of Edication

Computer Science – Computer science teachers (participants - no more than 12)
Mimosa – assistant principals without computer skills (participants - no more than 12)
Mimosa – for those already using it - preparation of new consultants

(participants - no more than 12)
    Amanda Muliolienė
    Lana Rose Neville
    Vilija Tarnavičiūtė
    Algirdas Muliolis
   Rasa Alaburdienė

Social work – classroom teachers – (two groups)
Social work – social workers– (two groups)
 Katie Dunlap
Jack Richman
 Joanne Caye
Steven Hayes
Anna Scheyett
Kim Strom-Gottfried

English  for English teachers
Irena Ross
Laurie Baker

Lithuanian - for Lithuanian language teachers
Paul Batesel
Jūratė Sučylaitė
Ann Sustik

Religion / Ethics – religion/ethics teachers
Sr. Jeanette Lucino
 Sr. Cathleen Campbell
Diana Raiche

School librarians
 Giedrė Stankūnienė
Blanche Woolls

Regional seminars

Special Education – Simnas, Kaunas, Venta
(from July 8 to July 26 d. – which city at what time - still under discussion
    Algirdas Grigonis
    Karl Janowitz
    Anita Scarborough
Vitas Underys

“Viltis” camp – Šventoji (July 15 - 26 d.)
Ilona Laucienė
Vitas Underys
Katie Hoyle
Julene Allen
Sr. Sue Rogers

Conclusion of Successfull School Survey - Klaipėda (July 11-12)
 Katie Dunlap
Jack Richman

Catholic schools  – which city at what time - still under discussion
    Vivian Williams
    Sr. Kathleen Brazda

Computer literacy  - Skuodas  (July  1 - 5)
    Amanda and Algirdas Mulioliai

Akmenė – Steve Williams (liepos 8-12)
Varėna – Irena Ross (liepos 8-12)
Elektrėnai – Bill Williams (liepos 29-rugp.2)
Visaginas – Nancy Hanssen  (liepos 29-rugp.2)

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